Mission Statement

The goals of this gallery are twofold, first and foremost to serve God, spread the Gospel, and give much needed help to those less fortunate than us, and secondly to bring joy and beauty to the world through art. The way this is achieved is by donating half of the profits made by these paintings to Compassion International. When you buy a painting, not only are you buying a thing of beauty meant to bring joy to all who see it, you are also caring for the poor and helping to spread the Gospel!


Why I don't sign my artwork:
 There are several reasons why I create artwork. The foremost of which is because it enables me to help people in need and show them the love of God, which is my passion in life. Secondly, I love being able to appreciate and re-create beautiful things, and by doing so hopefully bring some sort of joy into another person's life. These two reasons are, in my opinion, what makes my painting valuable. To me, to put my signature on a painting would be to diminish its value in those two areas if even only slightly. The signature distracts and takes away from the beauty of it, and places the emphasis on the artist instead of the art. I want my art to be valuable because of what it does, not because of who made it.


Shipping Information

I can ship anywhere within the United States, rates depend on the painting size and distance shipped. Ask me for details either at 806-670-9486 or amethystrosec@gmail.com. The cost of shipping separate from charity and my own profit and will go directly and only towards the cost of shipping the painting


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Artsy Hearts Gallery

3701 Plains Boulevard

Gallery 79B

Amarillo, Texas

Phone: 806-670-9486

Email: amethystrosec@gmail.com


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